Vladimir Sorokin. Other Works

Other works by Vladimir Sorokin
  • “Norma” (1984)
  • “The Queue” (1985; published to Verdier, France; New York Review of Books, USA; Begemot, North Macedonia; Creative Angel, Georgia)
  • “Hearts of Four”(1993; published by Gallimard [rights have reverted]; Deep Vellum, USA; Helikon, Hungary)
  • “Roman” (1994; published by Verdier, France; Kokushokankoai, Japan; Deep Vellum, USA)
  • “Marina’s 30th Love” (1995; published by Pistorius & Olsanska, Czech Republic; Kitos knygos, Lithuania; Kawade Shobo Shinsha, Japan; Zalihica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • “Blue Lard” (1999; published by Editions d’Olivier, France; DuMont, Germany; New York Review of Books, USA)
  • “Pir” (2000; Cicona, Germany)
  • Story Collections (published by Locus, Israel; Deep Vellum, USA; Gondolat, Hungary; Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Germany; Kokushokankoai, Japan)