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My Fellow Prisoners 

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The most famous prisoner in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, had been released from labour-camp just before Christmas 2013. He immediately announced that he will fight for the release of the many political prisoners who are still incarcerated in Russian prisons and labour-camp.

The columns Khodorkovsky has written in prison about his fellow prisoners and which appeared in The New Times, Moscow, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Frankfurt, and in The New York Times, will be published as a book – MY FELLOW PRISONERS -, a book that will accompany his campaign to free Russian prisoners.

“After so long in prison I certainly have no illusions about the people I have come across. Nonetheless, many prisoners have their principles. Are they valid ones from society’s point of view? Some are, some aren’t. But they are principles, all the same, for which people are prepared to suffer. Really suffer,” says Khodorkovsky.

Some of the prisoners are jailed for minor reasons, others are murderers, one is a convicted “paedophile” (who at 18 lived together with his girlfriend who was not yet of legal age in her parents’ house), another is already for five years in labour-camp because he was catched smoking pot. Khodorkovsky treats them all without prejudices, learns a lot from their life stories and how they bear their fates. And he never talks about his own fate.