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SILENT WATERS / A LITTLE DOLL FOR THE MONSTER / SCAFFOLD OF FORGETTING / THE GHOST SHIP / Devil’s Baptismal Font / The Ladybug War / Death’s Tail and more 

Each of Platova’s novels probes a specific social setting. In “Silent Waters” she examines the fates of several students graduating from Moscow’s elite Film Institute during the Soviet period. With “A Doll for the Monster” she explores the cynicism of the Russian secret service; working there is not just a job, but a way of life. “Scaffold of Forgetfulness” is set in the completely insane world of cinema, poisoned by envy and hatred. “Phantom ship” offers a panoramic view of the New Russians and their “pompousness.”

All these novels have the same main character, Eva, who began life as a subdued and well-adjusted girl, and developed into a vigorous, shrewd, independent, self-assured woman with a biting sense of humor and a healthy dose of cynicism. The success of the novels that feature her as the main character may also be due to the fact that Eva (and the other female characters in Platova’s novels) act out a different kind of semi-sexual fantasies.

Each novel is a sequel to the others, telling the story of the changes faced by both the woman and her country. First, she is ripped out of the niche of her existence and engulfed by the changes rocking society. After her failure to adjust, she withdraws resignedly, but re-emerges again and again to face new challenges and to become embroiled in new cases. Platova’s psychological novels reek of quick-moving suspense, fraught with unexpected twists and turns. They are written in credible, witty dialogues, making it easy to understand why Platova is one of the best stylists of Russia’s female crime-fiction writers.

Besides her “Eva” series Platova has written a lot of other crime novels, i.e. “Devil’s Baptismal Font”, “The Ladybug War”, “Death’s Tail”.