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Club Kalashnikov 

Gleb Kalashnikov is a rich casino owner who has mastered the art of making as many enemies as possible. He was an infamous skirt chaser, and never walked away from a shady deal. His club is controlled by a mafioso known throughout the city, but the Caucasian mafia has let its eye fall on the profitable club as well.

When he is shot down one night in front of his house in Moscow, the police first think that it is a contract killing, but then suspicion falls on Olga, Gleb’s lover. Apparently she could not stand it that he would not divorce his wife Katya. Then there is a second murder while Olga is in custody. Sveta, the masseuse, has been found strangled. Just before she was found she had made an appointment with Katya to tell her who the real murderer is. Katya Orlova did not have the best of husbands. Although she is an attractive prima ballerina, Gleb was constantly deceiving her with other women. As a rich casino owner and the son of a famous actor, Gleb had entrance to the highest, but also to the shadiest social circles of Moscow. One evening, after he had picked up Katya from her theater, Gleb is shot in front of his house. The cops quickly come up with a suspect: the quiet, bashful Olga, Gleb’s lover. They found the murder weapon at her house. Nevertheless, Katya begins to doubt the guilt of the young woman, becoming convinced of her innocence when a second murder occurs.

“If one wanted to place this Queen of the Thrillers, she would come somewhere between Mary Higgins Clark and P.D. James.” (Gala)

“… should not be afraid of being compared to Patricia Cornwall, Sara Paretzky or Ingrid Noll.” (FAZ)

“… the author’s style of story telling is co complex and captivating, airtight and psychologically nuanced that one becomes addicted to it.” (Radio Eins)

“As we are used to from her other works, this one has the airtight descriptions of the backdrop against which the novel plays, the psychological and social sketches of the old and the new Russians that are the attraction of this genre.” (Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten)

“The drama surrounding love, money and madness are especially captivating because of the enigmatic characters.” (Marie Claire)

“Dashkova has a cult following at home. She fascinates the reader with not only vividly painted characters and gripping action, but also with very interesting insights into modern Russia.” (Madame)

“In Kalashnikov’s Club, Polina Dashnikova tells the tale of the murder of a rich Moscow theater owner in her usual high literary style.” (die tageszeitung)