Leo Tolstoi  <<

War and Peace 

Published by Zakharov Publishers, Moscow

HarperCollins, London/New York

Editions Le Seuil, Paris

Ambo/Anthos, Amsterdam

Debate, Madrid

Tammi, Helsinki

Bonniers, Stockholm

San-Sung Media, Seoul

S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/Main

ART Editorial Group, Bucharest

Wostok, Beijing

Jumava, Riga

“Half as long, five times more interesting, a hundred times easier to read, nearly without philosophical innuendo, more ‘Peace’, less ‘War’, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky and Petja Rostov remain alive”
- that is how the publisher entices the reader into rediscovering the classic. The first edition was sold out within a fortnight. Russian papers, magazines and TV stations covered it intensively. The London Times wrote with the headline “Less war in shorter Tolstoy classic”: “Purists will wince, but mortals may rejoice.”
In its restored first version (800 pages), the most famous unread novel of world literature emerges as a sweeping family saga. And here is the real coup - Leo Tolstoy’s authorship is uncontested. Exactly this version would have been read since 150 years if the author had found a publisher already in 1865.