Andrei Gelasimov  <<

Fox Mulder Looks Like a Pig 

Published by

Eksmo Publishers, Moscow

Actes Sud, France

The sixteen-year-old Sasha arrives in a new school, his fourth, or is it his fifth, where he meets Anton. In situations like this you cannot pick your friends. The first one to talk to you becomes your friend. And then Marina shows up. Einstein’s relativity theory is right: Someone should ask boys who fall in love on Tuesday if they think that they will live long enough to make it to Saturday, the day of the disco. Sasha is waiting in a storage room where Marina had said that she would meet him for their first date. Two people come in who cannot see him, and Sasha recognizes their voices. It is his friend Anton and the young teacher Lydia. The catastrophe runs its course, and Sasha learns what love and betrayal are …