Viktoria Platova
© Tatyana Vasileva

Published by

AST, Moscow

Aufbau Verlag, Berlin

Lübbe Verlag, Bergisch Gladbach

Signature, Utrecht

Videograf II. Warsaw

Olion, Tallinn

NSM Media, Bulgaria

Viktoria Platova is a new star in the genre of women’s mystery books that is becoming ever more popular in Russia. The author graduated from Moscow’s Film Institute and has written a number of movie scripts for various studios. Her novels have sold more than 10 million copies, and formed the basis for a successful TV series. Platova is one of the best stylists of Russia’s female crime-fiction writers.


SILENT WATERS / A LITTLE DOLL FOR THE MONSTER / SCAFFOLD OF FORGETTING / THE GHOST SHIP / Devil’s Baptismal Font / The Ladybug War / Death’s Tail and more