Mikhail Zygar
© Anna Lavrova
Mikhail Zygar was for six years editor-in-chief of “Dozhd”, the only independent TV channel in Russia. The authorities have been trying to close the station down for half a year, but it still continues to exist, and is the favorite Russian-language channel in many former Soviet republics. Recently, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius gave Mikhail Zygar an award for campaigning for freedom in Russia. The American Committee to Protect Journalists also awarded him the International Press Freedom Award. Mikhail Zygar, who is one of the most famous journalists in Russia, was the war reporter for the major Russian newspaper Kommersant for ten years, reporting on the revolutions in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Later he was the deputy editor-in-chief and political editor for the Russian edition of Newsweek. With Valery Panyushhkin he wrote the book “Gazprom. The New Russian Weapon”, which has been translated into many languages.

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