Vasilii Golovanov

Vasily Golovanov was born in Moscow in 1960 and graduated from the School of Journalism’s International Department at Moscow State University. He has worked for many prestigious newspapers and magazines in the capital and translated Kenneth White’s Les cygnes sauvages. Golovanov has traveled a great deal. The Russian North (including the nuclear testing ground on Novaya Zemlya), the Volga delta, Central Asia, the Caspian region, Kamchatka, Tuva, and Eastern Siberia have all had an important influence on the thematic and figurative palette of the author, who has created a special genre, “travel prose”: full-blown travel diaries in which inner experiences interweave with what has just been seen, contemporaneity with history, and vivid travel notes with the author’s meditations on the fate of a civilization that has stepped into its third millennium. Golovanov has won prizes for the best publications of 1997 and 2002 from Druzhba narodov and Novy mir, respectively, the Yuri Kazakov Prize in 2004, the Yasnaya Polyana Prize in 2009, and the Laure Bataillon, a French prize for the best foreign book and best translation, in 2008. Hios books have been published by Matthes & Seitz, Germany;Verdier, France; in Spain and Poland.


Nestor Makhno
Spaces and Labyrinths
The Island, or a Justification for Pointless Journeys