Valerij Panyushkin
Valerij Panyushkin was born in Leningrad in 1969. He is a graduate of the Theater Institute in Moscow, a director and screen-playwright. He worked for as an international reporter for the prominent Moscow daily newspaper “Kommersant”, and was awarded the most important Russian prize for journalism, the “Golden Feather”, in 2004. He presently works for the newspaper “Vedomosti”, for “Esquire” and for the Internet newspaper “”. Works of his such as "Mikhail Khodorkovskij" (2006) and "Gasprom: Russia's Weapon" (2008; together with Mikhail Zygar) have been published in Germany, France, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Rumania, Estonia, Croatia, and Vietnam.

Roizman. The Siberian Robin Hood
Rublyovka. Where power and money are at home
Twelve who don´t agree. A Portrait of Russia’s New Dissidence