Stanislav Belkovski

Stanislav Belkovsky, born in Moscow in 1971, is one of the most famous political analysts in Russia, and has worked as an advisor and speechwriter for a number of top-level politicians. In 2004, he founded the Institute for National Strategy. Belkovsky is ubiquitous, and everyone knows him, from powerful politicians such as Igor Sechin and Yulia Timoshenko, influential opposition members and oligarchs, to readers of the popular newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, listeners of the liberal radio station Ekho Moskvy and viewers of the Internet TV program FSB (Faktor Stanislava Belkovskogo). Stanislav Belkovsky has written five books and several hundred articles. Many politicians and oligarchs, including Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Boris Berezovsky, have sought his advice, for hardly there is anyone else in command of so much insider information who can appraise situations at lightning speed, predict events many steps ahead, and make himself so unassailable that he can write articles about Putin’s solitude, count his money and openly offer the president some wise advice. Belkovsky came to prominence in the West when he estimated Putin’s personal fortune at $40 billion, as reported in 2007 by The Guardian and Die Welt.


Putin. The Man who Wasn't there